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Photo Album 1(Ventilation & Streams)
Left: Advisor Fondaw instructs Cadet Cook on the use of a Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan. Right: Cadet Chief Flint listens as Firefighter Schoenstein and Advisor McKay discuss ventilation.
Left: Cadet Chief Flint uses a chain saw on the roof simulator.
Right: Cadet Cook uses an axe on the simulator.

Left: Cadet Pritchard and Cadet Chief Flint receive instructions on the operation of the chainsaw from Firefighter Schoenstein.  Right: Advisor Fondaw instructs Asst. Cadet Chief Macon and Cadet Pritchard on the use of the PPV fan.
Cadets, Advisors and Firefighters take a break behind Engine Six.
Left: Asst. Cadet Chief  Macon, Cadets Cook and Pritchard are instructed on the chainsaw by Firefighter Schoenstein. Right: Asst. Cadet Chief Macon starts the PPV fan.
Streams class. Left: Cadet Engineer Watterson and Cadet Cook operate a hoseline. Right: Cadet Hoffman operates a "smooth bore" nozzle with the help of Firefighters Knox & Schoenstein.
Left: Cadet Watterson operates the smooth bore by himself. Right: Cadets Watterson and Macon operate a hoseline.
Cadet Hoffman operates a smooth bore nozzle, assisted by Firefighter Knox as Firefighter Schoenstein and Cadet Chief Flint look on.