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Thank You!
We would like to thank the Fire Explorers and their parents without whom none of this would be possible!

Thanks to Clifty Six Fire/Rescue, its officers and members, who allowed this program to go forward.  They have opened their firehouse, apparatus and equipment for the Fire Explorers to train with.

All of the Firefighters in Madison and in the surrounding county.  Their enthusiasm for this program is equaled to those directly involved with it.

Madison Township Fire Dept. thanks for making the Fire Explorers feel welcome at your live burn exercises and for the sets of turnout gear!!

Prince George's County Fire Dept. Md., thanks for sending us gear when larger, more famous departments refused.

Walnut St. Fire Co. #4, thanks for all the ladder classes and being there when the Fire Explorers needed you.

Western Fire Company #3, thanks for the gear and especially for the small gloves, they were badly needed!