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March 10th Live Burn
On March 9th and 10th a live burn exercise was conducted using the same structure as the Feb. 16th Smoke Drill. These are the pictures from the March 10th burn.

With no hydrant nearby, Engine 41 uses drop tanks.

WIth an interior team inside, a RIT unit assembles on the deck.

With the live burn training complete, the structure is allowed to burn to the ground.

FF/Adult Advisor Hendrick ventilates the building.

Smoke begins to fill the entire structure.

Fire begins to fill the top of the structure.

Fire erupts from the south side.

Fire removes the last of the glass on the west side.

FF/Adult Advisor Hendrick watches the fire progression from the south side.

The second floor of the south side is fully involved.

FFs/Advisors Hendrick and Mongo protect exposures on the south side.

The west side become fully involved.

Hendrick and Mongo spraying water.

The roof burns through and falls on the northeast side.

More of the northeast corner burns away as Hendrick and Mongo spray water.

The roof burns through on all sides.

All that is left standing is the chimney and fireplace.

The basement and garage.

These stairs used to lead to the deck on the south side.

Firefighters watch what's left of the house burn.