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Explorer Competition 2002
The course was timed and began with two man teams donning their PPE and SCBA. They were then required to complete two hose rolls and dummy drag before moving on... the confined crawl through a metal culvert pipe. The Explorers then walked down a hill and traded off to their Post's second two man team who then donned their turnout gear and began the second leg of the course.

The second team had properly beam raise and deploy a 24ft. ladder, then one Explorer climbed the ladder carrying a utility rope while the other properly footed the ladder.

The Explorer on the ground had to properly secure an axe and raise it up to the other Explorer using a rope and then raise a charged hose line to the other Explorer. The Explorer on the ground then had to climb the ladder and man the charge hose line with the other Explorer.  About 20 feet away from the platform was an orange cone with a tennis ball on top. The Explorers then had to knock the tennis ball off the cone to complete this course. This course was timed and points deducted for unsafe and improper techniques.

Other skill stations included:

An extrication station where Explorers had to properly crib then lift a car using air bags and remove a trapped dummy victim.

A station demonstrating proper search and firefighter survival techniques in an SCBA Maze training trailer.

Roof ventilation techniques using an axe and this roof simulator.

Ventilation station using both Positive Pressure Fan and a Smoke Ejector.

The following pictures were sent to us by Mike Sherron, who organized this event.

Pictures of fire apparatus at the Explorer Competition:

Engine 89

Erlanger's Engine 54

Amelia, Ohio's "1-ADAM-12"

A C.F.D. Engine.